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Sally Chamberlain, Educational Consultant provides leaders in education and the social sectors with customized consulting services, training and technical assistance aligned to NCLB requirements to meet organizational and school improvement needs and to help leaders create the conditions for high level performance and meaningful educational reform.


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She has assisted educational agencies and non-profits in developing organizational improvement policies and guidance linking best practices research to long-term strategic planning. From 2003-2007 she directed the Division of District and School Improvement for the Pennsylvania Department of Education where she helped implement NCLB regulations at intermediate units, districts and in over 3000 schools. She collaborated in the design of the state's school improvement planning framework and its Distinguished Educator and Inspired Leadership Initiative.

In addition, Sally has extensive knowledge of Foundation and community based culture. As Program Vice President of the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation in Washington, DC, she oversees the funding of research, fellowships and grants that advance educational and professional opportunities in the US and around the globe. She is successful in both grant writing and review, helping leaders in government, education and the nonprofit sector create change and find the needed resources to support their goals.

Prior to working at the PA Department of Education, Sally was an administrator and teacher in public education PreK-12. She initiated the design of a model urban environmental center in her hometown of Harrisburg and operated a preschool and teen pregnancy prevention program at her suburban high school. She continues to be actively involved in a number of philanthropic, service and civic organizations in her community. She is a published author and recognized public speaker.

Sally has the ability to quickly capture the essence of an issue and clearly communicate the pros and cons in an understandable, non-threatening manner. She has a proven track record in building relationships, developing collaborations and resolving issues in work settings as well as in volunteer activities.


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Sally C. Chamberlain Educational Consultant

25 Appaloosa Way

Carlisle, PA 17015

Telephone - 717-503-8862